The Plan…

NB: 😦

I thought there was a plan for me
Things were slowly making sense
All the problems I had faced
Were to ready me for this day?
Then as that day slowly approached,
I felt inside alone
As the plan I had begun to love
Fell to pieces on its own.
So questioning life here I am,
Lost on what it is true
Was there ever really a plan,
Or am I lost in the blue.


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  1. Laura Said:

    You’re never alone, even when the world seems dark. And yes, even when things look bleak. You are not alone. There are people who love you…maybe people who you’ve never even seen.

    I know sometimes things are overwhelming and nothing makes sense…but you must remember that it does pass. Sometimes it may take a little bit longer than you think you can last, but that is also when you must remember that those people you’ve never seen really do care…and we really do love you.

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