A special poem written for my friend Kathys Birthday

NB: I wrote this specially for kathys birthday, with her Daughter Trina :)! two of my favorite people.

Happy Birthday

Yes, the poems I write a lot of them are for other people such as this one that I wrote for a friends birthday with her daughter.

Here we are once again
The anniversary of when you came
One of the most special days
Which I’m thankful for everyday

Nothing I have equals your worth
No number can exceed your value
So here I am writing with words
Hoping to remind you.

That you warm my heart deep inside
Give me hope that love can’t die
Remind me that I am alive
Bring safety when I’m afraid at night

When I’m alone you comfort me
Even if just a thought so deep
A whisper of your name brings joy
You make loneliness a memory dead

So I hope you never forget
Just how special you are
That every moment your on this earth
Makes it a better place for all

So if you ever feel in doubt
look to this and all its warmth
Remember this is not a gift
This is truth written in ink

From those that care
Sealed with love
Forever and a day
In all of our hearts


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