In your heart

NB: I just wrote this now! Into this box! I haven’t edited it, I haven’t saved it on my computer. Its just… THERE! If you see any mistakes let me know so I can fix them :)!

In your heart,
You know what must be done
You feel it deep inside
You’re the only one.

Yet you also know the end
And all those who depend
To fail would bring tears
To those of who you care

So you don’t feel the need to start
The need to let time pass
In a moment that lasts a life time
You just listen to the sounds

Then in a rush you blink
As the world moves before your eyes
You have played it in your head
Seen it a million times

Then its over as if its never been
Just a small part of a story
Another bead on the string
And at last again you breathe

Then you wonder why it took  so long
Why you were so reluctant
Over such a small decision
Which could change the lives around you

Then with a smile you sleep that night
Preparing for the next day
Knowing it will happen again
For the world is an exciting place


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