I wish for wings.

NB: From a short story of mine 🙂 It is a very old poem and one of the few I have that is still together. Its one of the poems he says when he is at his end. That of what he is talking about, taking with him. Is his name and soul. He has long since wanted to die, as he is immortal, and he is begging the world above to please let him in, but if that is to much to ask, to please let him fall whole…

This is from my favorite piece of writing I ever wrote, To bad no-body else thought so. If anyone ever wants to read the story, maybe I could post up here, maybe. Never really thought about posting short stories.

I wish for wings

I wish for wings to fly where angels sing,
Where I may lay claim upon what is mine.
Upon this day I shall seek for glory and a seat to the right.

Yet If I am seen as foe not friend may this judgement be swift.
May I fall in a fiery blaze from grace, to the bottom of what is…?

With me I take that of which I claim, together we will stay and wait.
Broken Wings and torn songs will lead me to my end,
With what I truly claim, together we shall be, devalued.
Yet together shall we remain.


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