The Winds Howl

The wind that howls

I sit at the window and listen, as the wind howls through the silent days, the leaves rustle in the breeze and the trees dance in a sway. I at this time feel comforted, as the clouds move above with change, that the world is still moving on, despite the darkness that’s come my way.

I think inside I am torn, at how so many things could go wrong… how my angel could be lost, and my friends so long gone. I ponder so deep in thought, at why I am still here? and as I lose myself to time, the wind howls to remind me I’m here.

So to the wind I owe so much, so many thankful thoughts. Without its long lost words in song I would have surely been so lost and as tears drop from my eyes, as the world moves outside, I know that deep inside… I will have to slowly face time, but till that day approaches- I shall ponder in thought, why did so many horrors happen, and could I have changed the world?



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