Whispered words, passed ignored.

NB: This is sad, and how I feel sometimes. People purposely avoid me, I always try my best. I spend a lot of time upset  trying to understand why… or at least I use to, so far have no answers.

Among the chatter
Feeling so alone
I whisper words
That pass ignored
Afraid and Confused
If I’m alive
No one says
To confirm, deny
Panic sets in
While questioning life
Am I real?
No voice replies…

They continue on
Like I’m invisible
A lost shadow
Or wandering ghost.
I try again
To no hope
So I fold
Give into dark

Whats the point
feeling so dead…
So I slip
Far far away
They don’t notice
While I fade

And quietly those
Ignoring my calls
Fade to distance
As tears flow
To never return
My fate decided
In my end
Death is life


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