Dreams Do Come True

NB: If you see spelling mistakes let me know 🙂

Many moons ago
When the world seemed so large
I had a dream while staring high
About a world much like our own

The only change was I was older
The world around seemed so small
And beside me was an angel pure
A being so beautiful no words could describe.

And here I sit staring high once more
Thinking of that dream in smile,
For I truly believed dreams were fantasy
Just Meaningless thoughts, whispered, lost.

Yet as I look around this day
I realize my dream came true
For in my life that angel exists
So beautiful, so You.

So I Thank you from deep in my heart
For not just being in my life
But prooving me wrong like many times before
For teaching me to hold onto hope

Know I love you and always will
Be patient if I seem so distant
For I may just be thinking of other dreams
That perhaps you can help come true.

~Sealed with Love~


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  1. Etoile Said:

    Hey hun,
    2nd verse, last line the word could you flipped the l and d around.
    Another lovely poem 🙂

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