In this world there are few miracles
Their chances of occurring low
Like turning the air we breath to gold
The tears we shed to diamond stone

I have long since desired to see such a thing
To witness the impossible come true
Or at least that’s what I believed
Yet how wrong it is that I have been…

I had forgotten so foolishly,
There are miracles every day
When humans couple together
Millions of cells fight for their place

And then out all of the chaos
Through millions upon millions of possibilities
Combinations of endless number
It is you who comes into this world

So through my desires to witness such events
I had neglected a single truth
That seeing you is like turning air to gold
Meeting you in this world like tears to diamond stone

A miracle beyond my comprehension
Worth more than any stone so beautiful
How wrong it is that I have been…
To not have believed in the impossible.

Thank you for proving me wrong.
For teaching my about Miracles…
From now on I am a believer.
And I am proud to have been taught by you

A Miracle to this world.


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  1. Abraca Said:

    how beautiful

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