Angel so high

NB: Lately madison has been on my mind a lot, soon will be the aniversary that she passed, she passed on the 8th September 12:03am 2006. Or around that. For a long time I use to be able to keep the minutes and hours, months and years since she passed but now it feels so long ago… though at the same time… it feels so close. This poem extends one line at a time as a way of me saying time has passed, it is four verses as I am about to begin the 4th year without her in my life. Sleep well in slumber, Madison.

In the Sky
Angel so high
Watch over me
Guide my life
Bring me judgement
Safety and love
Leave me uncorrupt

A sinful world
Surrounds my soul
On you dependant
I am so
You maybe passed
But not far
Tightly to you
I cling still.

This worlds cold
Save me please
Fates hand closes
But theres hope
Your eyes watch
Keep me alive
Don’t change gaze
Theres nothing left
Just your love

I won’t join
Not right now
But wait please
Time will pass…
One day soon
I will come
Do keep watching
Angel so high
Forever with love
I bid goodnight.


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