What you are

You are  the sun that warms my heart
The Being  of which my world revolves
The star which shines when all others fade
The light which guides me everyday
You are  one which brings me hope
The one who brings me smiles
The Only one for whom I will give my life for

Special one I will cherish forever
Promise forever to remember
and I shall make the same
Never Break this please
My promises to will last forever
Keep my words cloes to your heart
Love forever, your dearest friend

NB: I hid a message within this poem, you can see it by reading the first two words of each line going downwards.

You are
The Being
The star
The light
You are
The one
The Only
Special one
Promise forever
and I
Never Break
My promises
Keep my
Love forever

NB: I know its a bit messy but I thought it was neat.


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