In the Land of the Never Night

NB: I wrote this sad that one day I would not see the night sky, I love the sky, I like taking pictures of the sky and I love to dream. I imagined what someone would say if they grew up never knowing the night sky. Never knowing darkness. They would probably like it and the idea of night time would be scary, yet at the same time they may find it wondrous, that things could be different, but like me… not like change. I am afraid of the dark to, even though the sky is beautiful.

In the Land of the Never Night

In confusion we people lay,
Lost in what is night and day.
The clouds always seen up high,
The streets always lit and bright
The world always awake and wide.

This is what is the Never-Night.

They say the stars were once up high…
Can you believe that? little lights in a sky?

Oh how extravagant, you think it’s true?
Through a blanket of darkness sounds scary mind you.

Not knowing what is down that road,
Now knowing who said what and so

What a fearful world that would be…
Maybe the Never-Night is the world for me?

Sorry dear sky, little lights so bright,
If you are real or false goodnight.
I will never question to if you are there.

I think I prefer to see who is there, what is where.
Without that unknown fear.

Full of lights and visable sights…
That one dark blanket is enough of a fright.

I will live forever in this lasting light,
Forever in the Never-Night.


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