The poems I wrote for a special friend

NB: Theres always been one person I have been able to count on, time and time again this angel kept fluttering her wings and looking over my shoulder, she was one of the most important people when I was trapped in a downward spiral, spinning confused and lost.

Yet at the same time, this wonderful friend was just a word on a screen, so I found it hard to thank them for all they had done. So when it came time I though that the only way to appropriately thank a magical warm love filled word, was with words that express how If elt for them. I wrote a very messy poem, but I wrote it with tears, I can’t remember how or in what order it actually went but I am guessing this is right.

This is it!

To my favorite Auntie
The only one I know
I hope this shows to you I care
and that you mean so much
Keep fluttering like an angel
Keep hugging me so warm
And when your sad read this
And remember your so loved

You are so close to my heart
For all you have done I owe so much
You can given me so much love
I cannot repay all your done
but I thought in words I will try
Do not forget your an angel
One that has helped me so much

I don’t know how…
Don’t know why…
You fluttered deep into my life
But thus it changed from freezing ice
Into a tropical paradise
You give me warmth
Became my family
Opened your arms so wide

You let me wonder into your life to
Supported me through the dark
Listened to all my troubles deep
Hugged me when I couldn’t sleep
Wiped my tears when I have cried
Told me things would be alright
Tucked me in with a smile warm
As you sent me to bed each night.

I guess what I am trying to say
In words simple and plain
Is that I love you so very much
More than these words can explain
I hope you never stop being you
Only change because you want to
That you keep being wonderful

Love Baby *smiles*


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