My Dream of home

My dream of home.

Where is home? Well, I do not know…
Sometimes I dream of one though,
I imagine it to be so warm,
A place love and peace.

On the inside I see it bright,
Full of colors that hug me tight,
Rooms so snug they make me smile,
So beautiful they will be awe inspiring.

Around my home it shall be safe,
So memories can be put away,
Full of things so gentle and soft…
I will dream like in the days I lost

As for gardens? Lush and green,
So welcoming, and it will be so clean,
My door will be large and laced in gold,
All my friends will be welcomed old,

It need not be grand
As I have dreamed
For no matter its looks
It will be special to me

So where is my home?
I do not know…
But when I find it I will know,
I hope one day I find one though…


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