Please don’t over-work Laura

She sat throughout the night
Why she sat she didn’t know
All she knew was there was purpose
For a story must be told
She worked her hands so delicate
Finely stiching every seam
Creating something Magnificent
For the world to see.

At last it reached its end
The most beautiful gown of all
The world could do nothing
But look on in Awe
Her talant was unquestionable
A symbol there was hope
That each and every being
Could be creative if they want

The world came from far and wide
Looking at the beautiful sight
Each and every king and queen
Offered all their treasuries
Yet she turned down all
For she made this for someone special
and as the one she waited for
Finally approached
She handed to them the garment
Of which greed could not touch.

Then at last it was over,
The world demanded more
But she shrugged them off
And shook her head saying no.
And as she finally lay,
Down to rest at last
It reminded everyone
Humanity has its flaws.

So as a reminder
This here has been written
A memoir of a story
About the talanted Laura Crafter đŸ™‚
In hopes she can remember,
Not to over-do her work
and perhaps as a statement
That rest is important too.


1 Comment »

  1. Laura Said:

    You are the best, Sweet Matty!
    Thank you so much….

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