Appreciation – Love Poems: These Were Written for a friend called Laura

I wrote these at the bottom of every email written to Laura she said I could post them here. She is one of the most talanted people I have met, with a real gift to bring a smile to people with her creativity.

She gives me a bit of hope inside that there are un-judgemental, loving caring people who want nothing more than for people to be free to express themselves.

So Laura, thank you for letting me put these on the bottom of all your emails, for inspiring me and making me smile. I am glad you allow me to share these with the world.

You are coming to mean a lot to me, I love our emails… theres is nothing more wonderful than a friend, no matter where they are, how far away or wwhat they look like. Thank you for putting up with me.

Love Matty

NB: If you can’t tell, I write to Laura more than I should.


To bring a smile to my face
Warmth to my soul
Safety to my heart
Such a gift worth more than gold
Never hide it from the world


To my dearest wonderful friend
You bring to me such tears
For I am blessed to see
All the things that you have made
Keep creating forever more
For days into the unknown
For that is hope to not just me
But to a world creativly lost!


You are a talanted soul
A blessing to this earth
Your presence brings me hope
That dreams can still come true
For that I owe you much
More than words can give
For in the end thats all we have
The dreams which hold us true.


The greatest spice, to add to life
Is not edible in anyway
The smallest pinch brings stares of awe
For just its presence makes things ok.
The greatest spice to life is you…
And I would not have it any other way.
Thank you for making life more wonderful.
I am sure for others you do the same.


I hope you have a wonderifical day!
And remember to sparkle in every way!
For if you don’t we may forget!
Just how wonderful this world can get!


In the dark you are a candle
How glad I am you are a light
For if you weren’t I would get lost
And stuck in the dark forever more


Through your work you show your mind
A wonderous world, creatively inspiring
How lucky we are as people to see
Such beauty gifted for all to see
Never hide your talants grand
For that if the only sin.


If in doubt look to the sky
Watch as all the clouds move by
They will never be the same twice
Its the reminder that change can be nice!


This world at times can seem so large
Scary in all its pains
But just a smile from your warm heart
Can take it all away.
Thank you for being just who you are
For it makes a change
And if just one person does so much
Others will learn one day.


With love and hugs you can you never go wrong!
So remember to pass them to the ones around you most!


When you sad
When your afraid
Just remember we do need rain
But afterwards the sun shines bright
So don’t give up,
Time will catch up!


If you see the sunshine,
And enjoy the rays
Think of it as smiling
From me a world away!


Hugs and love with a small dash of cream
Put on a cherry for the pretty red dreams
some chocolate sprinkles to make you stay sweet
A scoop of ice cream, just for flavor
and to top it all off! Some chocolate sauce for yummies!




  1. Nicci Said:

    so poetic and soulful )))) lovely lovely words of hope and caring

  2. Laura Said:

    I am very honored that you write these beautiful words for others and for me, as well. Thank you! Hugs!!!

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