You Are My Light

This is not so much a poem However I will add it to the Love Poems catagory, this is more a note, a note to those who just don’t raelize how important they are… what a candle they are to me. I remember a story about a man who in the 1700’s would put a candle by his window to lead travellers stuck in a storm to safety. I see people as my candles, as leading me to safety from horrible storms.

When the end feels close, close your eyes and say.
“Someone knows I am alive, I have a reason to be here this day.”

You only need one person to know you are alive- To truly be alive,
To live you just need to be a thought or a memory.
As long as the world is there for you, you always have a purpose and reason to exist-
The world can be as small as one, but as many as thousand.
You just have to remember, that even the smallest candle in the darkest of nights can burn as bright as the sun of day.
That candle could be anything. That candle could be you.


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