Your Bestest Friends!! Teddy Bears!

Hugging_Bears2love foreverYour Bestest friends!

Cuddly, huggly, wuggly bears!
No matter the time their are always there!
Even when you are sad and scared!
Them teddy bears will catch your tears!

So don’t worry when things get bad,
When the end is all close and near!
Just look around for one of those bears,
Grab it tight and hug it instead.

Even when the world sways,
And monsters start to creep your way,
When scary storms grumble loud,
When your face is full of pouts,
Just remember who is there,
Probably sitting upon your bed,
Giggle loud and know your friends!
Always their are teddy bears!

Their hugs and smiles will never fade,
And because of that you’re always safe,
Those teddy bears just never change,
Including their love for hugs and wugs
How lucky we are to be so loved!

So always remember I tell you now,
Keep a teddy bear around,
If just one upon the bed,
Remember, remember a bear is there.
Always forever- your bestest friends


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