Goodbye Sukas

Goodbye Sukas! = From my short story, as Daeiae bids goodbye to his oldest and dearest friend, the great dragon bease (Called a Narkai) Sukas.

Oh my dearest friend,
You would stand by me to the end,
However I must do this alone,
I wish for you to live on.

We have survived so many ages,
Seen so many things
Death, life, destruction and corruption
You never left my side.

When they cursed my name so loud,
Decided I was a sin of time
Created lies and hunted me down
You never left my side.

When things have seen so dark
And your death has been so close
When monsters crept upon our souls
You never left my side.

I owe to you the world and more
Yet none of this I can give…
Instead I offer you a life,
One away from my sin

As my death draws very near.
Forgive me for leaving you like this,
Saying goodbye so fast and sudden,
Please remember this,

My dearest friend
I have not abandoned you yet
Just giving you another task.
May in times our souls cross paths again,

My dearest an oldest friend goodbye-
But I am sure this will not be the end.


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  1. Col Said:

    You are an amazing a talented person Matty.. You never cease to amaze me….

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