Don’t stand in the shadows.

Oh men in suits, don’t look away
Don’t close your eyes to the chaos that reigns
Watch all the horrors of the world today
Don’t be afraid to shed tears of pain
Accept that time, has shifted and swayed
That your actions taken caused death and decay
Will you not give up, that hope of change
Just stop signing all those lives away…
Kill that urge for the blood and the greed
Us people are equal, put war away
All of us beautiful in each our own way
Please… men in suits, don’t look away.

The people of the towns, the cities, the lands
Beauty if you let it can still find its way
Will you say no to the gun and the chaos that reigns?
Not stand in the shadows, not stand afraid
Be strong in your thoughts, and your dreams unswayed
Lost be your echoes as the stones shake
Yet, don’t cry, if your efforts seem lost
Theres is still time, don’t drown your voice
Hope you must cling to, till all are onboard
Still there be people who won’t understand all.

Oh soldiers with your guns, you can put them down
No need is there for these noises so loud
More thinking you must do for your thought does count
At times it may seem against what your taught
Last man standing, is a philosophy flawed
We are all equal, even those that are shot
Can you cry for all lost, Not just your own down?
Rest at last, sleep so tight, breathe in peace, smile.
Soldiers with your guns, you can finally put them down.


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