Friends are Angels

My soul was sad for the longest time,
Hell use to dwell upon my mind
I lived in fear, in pain and torture
Yet you always held me high.

Through darkness, Through tears
You were always there.
An angel that always seemed to appear…
Even when the darkness crept, and the wind blew in chill
You would make that sorrowful journey, just to pull me through.
You are to me a friend forever, but also an angel from the heavens.

I hope you know deep inside, how much I truly love you,
Just how special you really are, in not just my life but the others around you.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, think of me and smile.
Know I care, know I love, no that I will never judge.
You were always there for me, and so I shall be for you.

You are one of the best people I have ever known,
And I know you will always be close
Even when the breaths stop coming,
Your thoughts will be enough.

Never forget how much you mean,
Never forget your place
Never forget what you are, A beautiful soul of angelic grace.



  1. Anon Said:

    To start a poem, I sometimes don’t know
    But often the words fall, once the ink does flow

    Nature is a good way
    To create something to say

    Now with that in mind
    The words will be easy to find

    How about a star?
    Away, Away, but I’d prefer Bree not be as far

    That star is pretty and bright
    I’ll keep Bree closer with all of my might
    prefer to keep this beauty in plain sight
    her mind as free as a kite

    Never hitting a brick wall
    Like Bree’s, which could be glass and afraid it could fall

    That’s okay, not a big deal
    I too have a past I’d sometimes not feel
    Two lifetimes of pain yet to heal
    Open wounds that take eternity to seal

    Time will take care, make her feel better
    In the meantime, I’ve written this letter

    • thebrn Said:

      🙂 thanks for sharing

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