Know that I am here

To my dearest one
Know that I am here,
Standing strong, as your angel.
Your rock beside you till the end.

I will take on all your sins that come
Cry your pain in a sorrowful song
Smile as you do and share your joy,
A friend till the end who will always try.

Know that standing by your side,
Is a blessing in itself.
In my eyes you are and always will be perfection,
A symbol of love and life.
Abandoning you is something I will never do,
Never worry about that once.

I will forever trust in your judgment,
Never challeng your thoughts and views,
Always be there to hug, laugh and listen
Be there when the darkness comes and passes.

However I hope from deep in my heart.
You never forget what you are-
That you are but a dream to whoever finds you,
And that whoever does should treat you well.

Remember that I am here,
If you ever need me, contact me please-
I will always be ready
From an angel without wings.


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